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Vertical Root Fractures: The Diagnostic Dilemma and Hidden Menace

Why it’s so important to find root fractures before endodontic treatment, and how to do it.

How to Avoid Costly Bad Hires

Use cognitive, conative and affective traits to find the perfect candidate for your practice.

Extreme Hobby: Dr. AnnMarie Olson Shares Her Joy for Music with the World

This Texas-based dentist is part of a traveling choir that has taken her to places like Scotland...
Feature Profiles

Dr. William Dickerson, LVI Global

For more than two decades, Dr. Dickerson has been committed to advancing Physiologic Dentistry and improving the profession he loves.

A New Perspective on Treatment Planning

Understanding generational differences will lead to better communication with your patients and increased case acceptance.

3 Reasons You Should Be A Sedation Dentist

Offering sedation dentistry is not only rewarding, it opens up opportunities for practice growth.

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Dr. Amanda Seay

She was tired of traveling to different study clubs and groups all the time, especially when some of the dentists attending her talks were only there for the free lunch. It just wasn’t rewarding, and it was eating into time she could be spending...


If the Boot Fits

When Dr. David Little walks into a room to begin a lecture, his students can’t help but take a look at his feet. That’s because they want to see what custom-made boots he’s wearing this time, whether it’s the pair with his practice logo, the...

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DC Clinical

Worthwhile post-graduate education is priceless, so we decided to simply make it free. Endodontics, Implantology, Sleep Apnea, Esthetic Dentistry, Conscious Sedation, Orthodontics and more – all topics chosen to empower you with revenue-boosting...